Blue Lotus Spiritual Center Events

Chakra Healing Workshops:
Guided Meditation with Mindful Chakra Work & Guitar OM Frequency Accompaniment.

Reiki Workshops:  Get certified in Usui Reiki

Guest Speakers & Presenters


Chakra Healing Workshops: Monthly Guided Meditations with Guitar Om frequency accompaniments, and vibrational healing. and REIKI

It is time to heal and find your true spirit and purpose. Time to find joy, happiness and to connect again.
Join us for (1) or more 2-hour workshops that will lead you through a chakra meditational energy healing with guitar and tuning fork vibrational healings. We will teach you how to ground and to connect so you can tap into your inner spiritual and true self.

The guitar OM note classical playing brings you deeper into your meditation. The tuning forks raise your energy. ~Blissful~
Clients walk away feeling energized with hope and ambition. The tools you take away with you will help grow your journey of awareness and purpose. Come and join in on any workshop or come to all! This is a lot of fun. If you’ve ever been curious about chakras, meditations or energy work, this is a safe and comfortable place to learn and join in. Sound frequencies add to the subconscious healing as we balance our energy/chakra/prana/chi. Work is done in a fun interactive group setting.


8/20 Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras: We will build the roots and strong communion with Earth, body, self and growth potential. What is your journey and purpose? These chakras help you feel more in tune with your body and the Earth. It’s a tool to control those runaway emotions (anxiety, chaos). Remember running barefoot as a kid and feeling the grass and dirt in nature? Let’s get back to that vibration and connect with Mother Earth.

9/16 REIKI 1 Attunement and course. Get certified as a Reiki 1 practitioner and bring the Universal Reiki healing energy into your everyday life. Registration open now until Sept 1. $120

9/17 Heart Chakra: We will work on the middle chakra, the Heart, which connects the lower root chakras to the higher spiritual chakras. Learn to open up these vibrations for self-love, making stronger friendships, enhancing family ties and being ONE with LOVE. Helps turn on all areas of this Heart vibration. You’ll be a magnet for LOVE!

10/15 Throat, Brow and Crown Chakras: Rise into the upper spiritual chakras to open your energy source to the collective consciousness and spiritual realm. Are you ready to learn how to activate your energy to speak your truth? Spark your creativity and raise your intuition? This seminar will help enhance your ability to tap into the spiritual world and the Earth at the same time for your ultimate sense of well-being.

11/4 Reiki 1 certification and attunement  Get certified as a Reiki 1 practitioner and bring the Universal Reiki healing energy into your everyday life. Registration open now until Sept 1. $120

11/5 Chakra Comprehensive: Beginners to experts-a comprehensive look at chakras, meditation and sound healing.

12/3 Full Moon meditation, healing and kirtan. So much fun and not to be missed!


Groupon pricing (available soon):
Annual pass: $260 for 12 sessions.
$25 session drop-in.
$60/ 3 sessions.

Normal pricing:
Annual pass: $400 for 12 sessions.
$60 session drop-in.
$150/ 3 sessions.

Michele Ater, Reiki Master/Teacher, Registered Psychotherapist (LPCC, NCC) and guided hypnotic Meditation lead

Scooter Barnes:  Musician, Amp technician, Sound Healer, Philosopher  

Deborah Myst Vacano:  Psychic, sound healer, intuitive healer, Reiki Master

Loft; People House 3035 W. 25th Ave Denver, CO 80211

Bodhi Lotus spiritual center 609 Alkire St Golden, CO 80401

Registration:, 720-316-6076


“I’m still getting literal chills and an abundant feeling of joy when I think about what went on earlier today. I feel very very connected. I’m so glad to discover that I can bring some of that back with me to earth in my daily life.
Thank you so much.”
(Client~Chakra workshop 6/5/17)