“Deborah’s readings are always such a great blend of compassion and intuitive insight. She is warm and nonjudgmental which makes it so easy to talk with her and share deep thoughts. I appreciate her positive attitude, clarity and good common sense to go along with her bang on psychic abilities. Do yourself a favor and call her for a reading today, it will be time and money well spent.” –Shannon, Denver “Deborah has a special way of providing me insight and feedback at just the right time in a way that I need to hear it. She has been very accurate, caring and very comfortable to work with. Meeting her has truly been a gift!” –Lorel, from AZ “1.

Right on with what was going on with me.  Very nice, kind, happy, joyful spirit.  I enjoyed reading with her- she immediately put me at ease and patiently listened to what I wanted clarified or wanted to delve more into.  She provided useful and detailed info.  I’m now looking forward to seeing it all unfold.

Deanne C.

Truly she is a wonderful person, who seeks to help those in need. I’ve been struggling with an issue for some time now and I was able to break through the barrier after her reading and healing time with me. She was 101% spot on. Thank you!

Cynthia J.

Thank you

The reading gave me hope for my future

I felt you gave a genuine connection  to my guides


Thank you so much!  I feel a lot better, clearer, brighter and I feel that negative ties have been broken or at least lessoned.  Billie


Everything was outstanding !

Delphina R

Fantastic reading with a wonderful soul, priceless

April H